Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to address the ongoing concern that exists in the summer when our congregation splits into two-services. The spiritual-vitality of the late service feels diminished when 60-70 congregants attend the early service instead of the late service during those summer months. This experiment attempts to solve this issue by building on the current strengths of our worship and creating worship experiences that are accessible, inviting, and connecting to all of God’s people.


Year One (2013)

  • Establish a Worship Experiment Team whose primary objective is to discern and strategize the implementation of this experiment.
  • Worship Experiment Team Creates criteria for determining “success” over next 3-5 years.


  • This team begins work with Pastoral and Music staff on defining the two services so that they are distinct in nature.
  • Set up a schedule in advance for timeframe of services.
  • Set up schedule for special music in both services. Add more variety and more instrumentation to Early Service for 2013.
  • Work with Pastoral and Musical staff on format of services. Add children’s time and ensure proper childcare
  • Consider adding an abbreviated form of Worship and Wonder for Early Service Children
  • Begin to promote in community both services as being distinct from one another. ($500)


  • Once again, offer two services.
  • Experiment Team attends both services, intentionally evaluating/observing overall spirit of services, strengths/weaknesses, asking visitors about their experiences, etc.
  • Team meets during the summer on occasion to debrief and report observations. Begin analysis.


  • Unpack evaluation/observation of two-service model.
  • Analyze feedback and experiences.
  • Begin assembling a plan for launch of year-round two-service model.


Year Three (2015)
April 2015

  • One-year evaluation on two-service model.


Additional Funds Added to Budget Over 3 Years Estimated At:
2013 Marketing – $500
2014 Marketing – $1000
2014 Launch Sunday – $500
2014 Staff – $9076
2015 ?
Total: $11,076.00