Making Disciples of Christ by Sharing God’s Love in Relationship, Reflection and Response



At first Christian Church, relationship is of primary importance to our ministry—
relationship with God and with one another. Therefore, we offer a variety of ways to
build relationships within our community of faith.



One of the primary ways that our Vision calls us to build relationships is by sharing the
good news of Christ with all that we meet along life’s journey. However, we believe
this happens naturally when we have a relationship with God. Therefore, we place
importance on deepening our relationship with God, which leads to more meaningful
relationships with one another. In other words, individual and communal spiritual growth
leads us toward sharing God’s love with the world!


Whether it’s a Sunday School Class, a Bible Study Group, a Sports League Team, or the
church choir, there are a number of ways for individuals to be involved in a small group.
Part of the Vision of our Church is to have every congregant be connected to at least one
small group. We believe that within the intimacy of small groups, relationships both with
one another and with God are forged and deepened.